5 Packers Who Could Lose Their Jobs to Rookies in 2024

Keep your eye on these five players on the Green Bay Packers who are in danger of losing their jobs to rookies during the 2024 season.
NFC Divisional Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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2. Isaiah McDuffie, Linebacker

Isaiah McDuffie welcomed the hiring of new defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley and the shift to a 4-3 scheme with open arms.

Although the Packers won't often be in their base defense, this new alignment promises more opportunities for McDuffie to get on the field, especially following the release of DeVondre Campbell. However, the path to a prominent role isn't as clear as McDuffie might have hoped.

The Packers used valuable draft picks on two off-ball linebackers, Ty'Ron Hopper and Edgerrin Cooper, both of whom bring explosive athleticism and will push for immediate playing time. Just when McDuffie thought he was poised to secure a significant role, he now faces fierce competition from these talented rookies.

McDuffie's journey to secure a starting spot has always been one of perseverance and grit. As the 220th pick in 2021, he has had to prove himself at every turn, gradually earning his way into the lineup. However, with the addition of Hopper and Cooper, McDuffie must elevate his game even further to maintain his position.

Hopper and Cooper offer dynamic skill sets that could be highly valuable in Hafley's system. Their speed and playmaking ability make them strong candidates to leapfrog McDuffie on the depth chart. For McDuffie, the 2024 season is about proving that experience and reliability can outshine raw potential.

Training camp will be a critical period for McDuffie to showcase his knowledge of the defense and his ability to execute consistently.

If he can't fend off the competition from the rookies, McDuffie may find himself relegated to special teams and a backup role. The pressure is on for McDuffie to rise to the challenge and secure his place in Green Bay's defense.