5 Packers Who Could Lose Their Jobs to Rookies in 2024

Keep your eye on these five players on the Green Bay Packers who are in danger of losing their jobs to rookies during the 2024 season.
NFC Divisional Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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3. AJ Dillon, Running Back

A lot has been said about AJ Dillon's decision to return to the Packers at such a low price point. Even if Green Bay is more than happy to welcome him back on such a low-risk deal.

Now, the hard part begins. If Dillon wants to retain his spot as the Packers' backup running back, he needs to elevate his game.

Dillon has been declining since his rookie year, with his yards per carry average steadily dropping. If this trend continues into 2024, he could quickly find himself replaced by third-round pick MarShawn Lloyd. Although Lloyd doesn't match Dillon's size, he brings a burst and explosiveness that the veteran has lacked.

The competition to become Josh Jacobs' backup is wide open and it’s a crucial role in a Packers offense that heavily relies on rotating its running backs to keep them fresh and effective. Dillon must prove he can be more than just a bruising power back. He needs to show versatility and efficiency to fend off Lloyd's challenge.

As training camp and preseason unfold, Dillon must demonstrate that he still can be a key contributor. If he can't reverse his downward trajectory, the Packers may have no choice but to elevate Lloyd, whose skill set offers a new dynamic to the backfield.

For Dillon, the 2024 season is pivotal. He must adapt and improve, or risk losing his spot in Green Bay's rotation (or even on the roster). The pressure is on for Dillon to reclaim his form and solidify his role in the Packers' offense.