5 Packers Who are Eligible to Sign New Contract Extensions

These five players on the Green Bay Packers are still eligible to sign new contract extensions heading into the 2024 NFL season.
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The Green Bay Packers front office has been working overtime the last couple of years to fix the significant cap issues they created when trying to maximize their Super Bowl opportunities during the final portion of Aaron Rodgers' career.

They're not out of the woods yet, but they are in a much better position than last season. They still have about $50.2 million in dead cap--the seventh most in the NFL. Most of that comes from David Bakhtiatri ($19 million) and Aaron Jones ($12.4 million).

The good news is that they also have cap space to work with. They rolled over $6.7 million from last year (the ninth-highest) and still have some room for flexibility. How they use that flexibility will be key. Several players, including some high-profile ones, are extension-eligible.

5. Josh Myers, Center

The Packers may wait until after the season to see what they have in Myers, as he's been challenging to figure out over the first three years of his career. But they could sign him to a contract extension at any time.

Myers was selected in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft and immediately handed the keys to be the starting center. He's been serviceable, if unspectacular, in the three years since. Green Bay started to flirt with better options last summer when they tried Zach Tom and others at center. That will likely continue again this year, but there isn't a likely contender to step up.

Regardless, Green Bay will have to decide on Myers either this year or next year. They can sign him to a contract extension right now or let the season play out and make their decision later.