5 Packers Under the Most Pressure Ahead of 2024 NFL Season

These five players on the Green Bay Packers are feeling the heat, as they have the most pressure on them ahead of the 2024 NFL season.
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2. Christian Watson, Wide Receiver

There has been plenty of conversation this offseason about who the Packers' number one wide receiver truly is. The consensus is that Green Bay lacks a clear lead guy, instead boasting several players who fit the profile of solid number twos. Amidst this uncertainty, one player stands out as the potential breakout star: Christian Watson.

Watson epitomizes the NFL’s concept of a home-run hitter. His blazing speed can stretch the field and keep defenses on high alert, always wary of the deep ball. This ability not only benefits Watson and his quarterback but also creates opportunities for his teammates by opening up the rest of the field. The ripple effect of Watson’s presence on the field makes him a game-changing threat.

However, Watson’s biggest challenge has been staying healthy. In his first two seasons, he missed 11 games due to various soft-tissue injuries. He saw a specialist this offseason and believes he has pinpointed the underlying issue. Despite this, Watson must re-earn the trust of Packers fans and the coaching staff, and the only way to do that is by staying on the field and contributing consistently.

For Watson, the 2024 season is about more than just showcasing his talent. It's about proving his durability and reliability as a key offensive weapon. If he can stay healthy and perform at a high level, Watson has the potential to elevate Green Bay’s receiving corps and become the undisputed No. 1 receiver the Packers need. The pressure is on Watson to hit home runs and be available to step up to the plate game after game.