5 Packers Under the Most Pressure Ahead of 2024 NFL Season

These five players on the Green Bay Packers are feeling the heat, as they have the most pressure on them ahead of the 2024 NFL season.
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4. AJ. Dillon, Running Back

AJ Dillon probably could've found more money elsewhere this offseason, but he chose to stay in Green Bay, a testament to his love for the area and the Packers organization. It's a risky move in a league where players typically chase the best financial opportunity, and now Dillon finds himself under significant pressure to justify his decision and secure his spot on the roster.

Dillon was drafted in 2020 to be the heir apparent to Aaron Jones, but that vision never fully materialized. Instead, he's spent his entire career as a backup, with his best performances coming during his first couple of seasons. Since then, Dillon's productivity has waned, and now he faces the possibility of slipping further down the depth chart.

The Packers added MarShawn Lloyd in the third round of this year's draft, and the rookie's impressive skill set poses a real threat to Dillon’s position. He has more wiggle and burst then Dillon while still giving them good power. With the newly signed Josh Jacobs expected to lead the backfield, Dillon is at risk of being relegated to third-string duties.

For Dillon, this season is pivotal. He needs to prove that he can be more than just a backup and show the Packers that he still has the potential to be a key contributor. The pressure is on for Dillon to reclaim his early-career form and demonstrate that his decision to stay in Green Bay was the right one. Otherwise, he might find himself watching from the sidelines as a younger, hungrier player takes his snaps.