5 Packers to Watch at Mandatory Minicamp

Keep a close eye on these five Green Bay Packers during their mandatory minicamp this week.
Green Bay Packers v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Green Bay Packers are wrapping up their offseason workout program with a mandatory minicamp from June 11-13th. This minicamp marks the grand finale of a multi-phase program that included strength and conditioning, team drills, and the ever-so-exciting Organized Team Activities (OTAs).

The good news for the Packers is their minicamp will look very similar to their OTAs. They had perfect attendance last week in their final sessions of OTAs, meaning their players will carry that momentum over into this week. That will be extremely helpful for the Packers who somehow got even younger since last year.

Despite their youth, Green Bay's coaches and players can't stop gushing about how connected they already feel. This is a refreshing change after a few rocky years where a certain unmentionable quarterback seemed to have communication issues with his much younger wide receivers.

With the Packers aiming to build on last season’s surprise playoff appearance and an even more surprising playoff victory, keep your eyes peeled for these five players who will have the chance to play various roles this season.

5. Sean Rhyan, Right Guard

The Packers let starting right guard Jon Runyan walk in free agency and now face a difficult dilemma of finding his replacement. They have several intriguing options: they could slide Zach Tom down from right tackle, where he was a revelation last season. They might move first-round draft pick Jordan Morgan to the position. Or they could roll the dice on 2022 third-rounder Sean Rhyan.

Green Bay’s history with third-round picks is extremely concerning—they often strike out completely. Rhyan seemed to follow this trend after riding the pine for his entire rookie campaign. But last season, he started building momentum, even rotating with Runyan at right guard. Now, Rhyan needs to carry that into minicamp if he wants to lock down the starting spot in his third year.

The competition is fierce, with the Packers stockpiling versatile offensive linemen. It’s time to see if Rhyan can mark his territory at right guard and stand out in the crowd.