5 Green Bay Packers Primed for a Bounce-Back Season in 2024

Keep your eye on these five players for the Green Bay Packers who are primed for a bounce-back season in 2024.
Green Bay Packers Mandatory Minicamp
Green Bay Packers Mandatory Minicamp / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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2. Rashan Gary, Defensive End

Some fans might look at Rashan Gary’s nine sacks and 30 pressures and say he had a nice season. But just like with Jaire Alexander, the Packers aren't paying him to simply have nice seasons—they need him to have great ones.

Getting the quarterback on the ground can quickly throw an offense out of sync and give the defense a huge advantage. The Packers have been on the wrong side of that equation for too long, and it’s time they flip the script.

Gary will benefit from being another year removed from his ACL tear and having a full offseason to refine his moves—a luxury he didn't have last season. This additional preparation could be the catalyst for Gary to take another step forward in 2024. The Packers are counting on him to elevate his game from good to great. If he can become that dominant force off the edge, it will transform the entire defense and put the Packers in a much stronger position to compete deep into the postseason.

1. Josh Jacobs, Running Back

Critics of the Packers' free agent signing of Josh Jacobs point to his down 2023 season, where his yards per carry average plummeted from 4.9 in 2022 to 3.5. While there may be some truth to those concerns, the Packers are betting that a change in scenery will revitalize Jacobs.

Unlike his years with the Raiders, Jacobs will benefit from playing behind a superior offensive line in Green Bay. Moreover, with Jordan Love and a cadre of pass-catching weapons, Jacobs won’t be the focal point of opposing defensive game plans.

At 26, Jacobs still has a few good years left in him, even by running-back standards. While a repeat of his 2022 breakout might be unrealistic, the Packers expect him to return to a higher level of performance than last year.

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