5 Green Bay Packers Primed for a Bounce-Back Season in 2024

Keep your eye on these five players for the Green Bay Packers who are primed for a bounce-back season in 2024.
Green Bay Packers Mandatory Minicamp
Green Bay Packers Mandatory Minicamp / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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As the Green Bay Packers gear up for the 2024 NFL season, the focus isn't just on continuing to build momentum from a surprising 2023 campaign. There's a significant buzz around several key players looking to bounce back and reclaim their form after a challenging season. The Packers, a team with a rich history of resilience, are no strangers to players rising from adversity and making impactful comebacks.

Last season saw its share of ups and downs, with injuries, inconsistency, and tough breaks affecting the performance of some of Green Bay’s most promising talents. However, the upcoming season brings a fresh slate and renewed optimism. The coaching staff, led by head coach Matt LaFleur, is keen on harnessing the potential of these bounce-back candidates, each of whom is poised to play a crucial role in the team’s quest to return the Lombardi Trophy to its rightful owner.

In this article, we'll highlight five Packers who are primed for a bounce back in 2024. These players have the talent, determination, and opportunity to make significant contributions, helping Green Bay take another step forward next season.

5. Josh Myers, Center

Josh Myers has never quite made the leap to being one of the NFL's elite centers. After showing some promise in Year 2, he earned the lowest PFF grade of his career in 2023. The Packers tried to light a fire under Myers in training camp and preseason last year, but they never really found anyone who could legitimately challenge him for the starting job. That's still the case heading into this season.

However, Myers is set to become a free agent in 2025, and it’s funny how the prospect of a payday can transform a player. Money has a way of turning "meh" into "motivated." Myers has a lot of cash riding on his performance this season, and it's make-or-break time for him to show the Packers—and the rest of the NFL—that he's a starting-caliber center in this league.

If ever there was a time for Myers to play like his career depended on it, it’s now. The Packers are banking on this financial carrot to bring out the best in him.