5 Bucks Who Won't Survive the Trade Deadline

The Milwaukee Bucks are active in talks ahead of the trade deadline. Here are five players they are most likely to part ways with.
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3. Bobby Portis

Portis is a fan favorite in Milwaukee, and this one would certainly hurt. Portis has been one of the best offensive big men off the bench over the last few seasons. He admirably steps in for both Brook Lopez and Giannis Antetokounmpo whenever needed. He even can play next to the Twin Towers.

However, his skill set isn't that useful on this team anymore. The Bucks are already an elite offensive team with Lillard. They don't need the scoring production that Portis brings off the bench. They need more athleticism and more defense, two things Portis doesn't necessarily bring.

Plus, Portis makes over $11 million a year. If the Bucks are going after a big fish in the trade market, he has one of the few contracts they can use to match salaries.

His role will be diminished in the playoffs again when Antetokounmpo and Lopez see their minutes increase. It behooves the Bucks to find a better fit.