5 Bucks Who Won't Survive the Trade Deadline

The Milwaukee Bucks are active in talks ahead of the trade deadline. Here are five players they are most likely to part ways with.
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2. MarJon Beauchamp

Beauchamp has been fine for a late first-round pick. He is shooting it well this year, but his role is still extremely limited on this team, playing 15 minutes and taking fewer than four shots per game. He is alright defensively, but he doesn't have the length and strength to guard the best opposing wings.

The Bucks desperately need wings who can shoot and defend, and Beauchamp is that player profile on paper. But Milwaukee can't afford to wait for Beauchamp's development. They need a more plug-and-play type of player for their championship aspirations.

Considering that Beauchamp is only 23 with a valuable skill set and is still on his rookie contract, he will have plenty of suitors.

He is likely one of the best trade assets the Bucks have on their hands to sweeten any trade package. If the Bucks are making any moves, it's hard to see Beauchamp not included in it.