5 Bucks Playing Their Final Season in Milwaukee

The days of this Milwaukee Bucks core are numbered.

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Bobby Portis

Portis has another year on his contract after this season and a player option for 2025-26. With the way he was able to revive his career in Milwaukee and became a fan favorite, there will be a mutual desire to keep Portis around. However, he is also one of the few players on the roster with some trade value and a mid-level salary. This makes him a prime candidate to be moved if the Bucks go big game hunting.

Portis is 29 and still a valuable combo big in the league. He is one of the best offensive big men off the bench in the NBA. He can score a variety of ways, shoot the ball from deep, and provide size, strength, and rebounding. This will have some value for other teams.

But he is less valuable to the Bucks, who have Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez splitting the vast majority of big man minutes on the team. In the playoffs, these two will play as many minutes as they can handle, leaving only a small role for Portis. In each of the last three years, Portis played fewer minutes per game in the postseason than in the regular season, making him expendable.

If the Bucks can move Portis for a better defender who can guard multiple positions, they should probably consider doing that in the offseason.