5 Bucks Playing Their Final Season in Milwaukee

The days of this Milwaukee Bucks core are numbered.

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Jae Crowder

Another veteran getting up there in age and showing signs of decline is Jae Crowder. The 33-year-old combo forward's contract is expiring at the end of the season and the Milwaukee Bucks may choose to move on from him.

Crowder struggles with consistency and availability at this stage of his career. He only played in 24 games this year after appearing in 18 last season. His role in the playoffs was diminished significantly in 2023 as he couldn't make any shots in the Bucks' disappointing first-round loss to the Miami Heat.

At his best, Crowder is still a valuable player. He has plenty of playoff experience, he is strong, defensive-minded, and plays both sides of the ball. But as he ages, his defense has taken a step back, and his shot can always abandon him. He is not the most reliable three-point shooter. (34.8% for his career)

If he is brought back on a veteran's minimum contract, there is a chance Crowder stays for another season. But if this season ends in disappointment for Milwaukee, parting of ways might be the best option for both sides.