5 Biggest Winners from Packers' Offseason Workouts

Discover the 5 biggest winners from the Green Bay Packers' offseason workouts. Learn which players stood out, made significant improvements, and are poised to make a major impact in the 2024 NFL season.
Green Bay Packers Mandatory Minicamp
Green Bay Packers Mandatory Minicamp / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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4. Edgerrin Cooper, Linebacker

The Packers have significant playing time available at linebacker this year with their switch to a 4-3 scheme. Although they won't spend a ton of snaps in their base defense, they will have more on the field than in past years.

Quay Walker, a 2022 first-round pick, has yet to live up to that hype. He's projected to wear the green dot this season and be the defensive play-caller. Second-round pick Edgerrin Cooper might not push for those duties, but is making a strong impression on the field.

Cooper is sudden and violent, finding a hole in the offense and exploding through it to make the tackle. He brings even more athleticism alongside Walker, as the two can fly from sideline to sideline.

Outside of Walker, Green Bay doesn't have an established linebacker on the roster. That gives Cooper (and others) plenty of opportunities to prove they should be a full-time player in 2024.