5 Best Kept Secrets on Green Bay Packers' Roster

These five players on the Green Bay Packers are flying under the radar as some of the best-kept secrets on their roster.
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4. Isaiah McDuffie, Inside Linebacker

Green Bay reshuffled their entire inside linebacker position this offseason. Not only did they switch from a 3-4 to a 4-3 scheme under new defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley, but they also cut De'Vondre Campbell and spent two early draft picks on the position.

With all of that happening, Isaiah McDuffie is once again getting lost in the shuffle.

McDuffie was drafted in the sixth round in 2021 and keeps finding a way to stick around. At first, he demonstrated his value on special teams. Last season, he began to show he can also play a little defense. Although he's not the most athletically gifted, he's a grinder who will give his all on every single play. Let's see if he can continue to improve and lock down a starting gig in their base defense.

3. Karl Brooks, Defensive Lineman

Let's circle back to the defensive line before we finish up this list with back-to-back offensive players. Despite being drafted two rounds after Wooden last season, Brooks quickly ascended the depth chart and leap-frogged his fellow rookie. A position that held all season long.

Now, Brooks is in a scheme that better fits his talents. He's not a huge body so being asked to take up space and blockers so the backers behind him could roam free wasn't exactly his strong suit. He's more prepared to attack ball carriers and get after quarterbacks himself.

That's where Hafley's scheme will help him tremendously. There's room for him to continue earning playing time as Wyatt looks to find his footing in the league as well. Let's see how far he can climb.