4 Wide Receivers for Packers to Draft Following the Combine

Brian Gutekunst hasn't ruled out drafting a wide receiver. Here are four prospects the Packers should consider drafting with one of their Day 2 picks.
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Malik Washington, Virginia

Another intriguing WR prospect that has scheme-specific value is Malik Washington of the Virginia Cavaliers. As one of the smallest receivers in the draft at 5'8 and 191 pounds, Washington isn't going to win a ton of one-on-one matchups. This could be a blessing in disguise as he could potentially fall farther in the draft than he should.

However, that may be less likely after his impressive showing at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. At 42.5", he had the best vertical jump out of all receivers. Combine that with a 4.47 40-yard dash, and Washington plays much bigger than his size indicates.

In his one season in Virginia, Washington finished with FBS-best 110 catches, 1426 yards, and nine touchdowns. He had a whopping 711 yards after the catch in 2023, demonstrating how difficult it is to bring him down thanks to his speed and strength. He is explosive, and fluid and has impressive body control thanks to his low center of gravity.

Every metric, drill, and stat points to a player who can exceed his shortcomings. He will likely be confined to the slot because of his size but his playmaking ability makes him a higher-upside pick than your regular slot receiver.

He was projected to be a Day 3 selection ahead of the Combine but how far he will rise remains to be seen. The Packers shouldn't miss the opportunity to draft him if he falls to them at a reasonable pick.

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