4 Players the Bucks Should Target on the Trade Market This Offseason

The Milwaukee Bucks should seriously consider acquiring one of these players who are seemingly on the trade block.
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Kyle Kuzma, Washington Wizards

If the Bucks can't get Andrew Wiggins, another combo forward they can consider is Kyle Kuzma of the Washington Wizards. Kuzma provides a lot of the similar things Wiggins does on a cheaper contract that pays him $23.5 million next season.

Kuzma isn't the defensive stalwart Wiggins or Caruso is but he has impressive versatility. He can shoot, score, pass, and defend all at a respectable level. He doesn't have too many weaknesses in his game.

Plus, the 28-year-old forward has proven that he can fit next to superstars. He is the type of player who plays better when his role is reduced. He previously played a critical role on the Lakers' 2020 championship team next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. He could replicate that in Milwaukee as a fourth or fifth option on the team.

Kuzma is presumably cheaper than the previous names mentioned on this list. The Wizards are in the midst of a rebuild and they would likely part ways with Kuzma for a first-round pick. The Bucks should seriously consider him as an option.

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