4 Milwaukee Bucks Most Likely To Be Traded

San Antonio Spurs v Milwaukee Bucks
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Bucks Most LIkely To Be Traded: Andre Jackson Jr.

Jackson Jr. is further along than Beauchamp despite just being drafted in the second-round this season. He's quicker and more disruptive on defense, allowing him to pressure ball-handlers more successfully. He also has better size.

He brings a unique presence on offense. His outside shot has been better than expected, but, like Beauchamp, the sample size is so small it needs time to prove itself. His cutting, ball-handling and passing are all better than Beauchamp, which makes him an interesting off-ball piece.

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The Bucks shouldn't willingly give Jackson Jr. away, as they might have a rotational player down the line. However, if they have the chance to acquire a proven veteran in a deal and he's the player standing in the way, they shouldn't hesitate to trade him either.