4 Milwaukee Bucks Most Likely To Be Traded

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Bucks Most Likely To Be Traded: MarJon Beauchamp

Milwaukee is short on young talent, but that doesn't mean guys like Beauchamp (or the next player on this list) should be untouchable.

Beauchamp has made strides since his rookie season, but still has a long way to go to prove himself as a legitimate rotational player, nonetheless, someone who can be trusted with postseason minutes. His highest potential is on defense, where he can use his long arms to disrupt opposing offensive players. However, he lacks the lateral foot speed to keep quick ball-handlers in front of him consistently.

Offensively, he hasn't proven his value. Yes, he's knocking down 43.6 percent of his threes this season, but he's only taken 39 total outside shots, and it's difficult to gauge whether it's the real deal or a fluke based on small sample size. He does an excellent job of running the break in the open court.

Beauchamp doesn't carry enough value to be the centerpiece of a trade, but he could be a nice throw-in to entice a team to take a gamble on his youth.