4 Milwaukee Bucks Most Likely To Be Traded

San Antonio Spurs v Milwaukee Bucks
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Bucks Most Likely To Be Traded: Bobby Portis

Portis is a fan-favorite, and many would be upset to see him go. He provides energy and toughness on offense, never giving up on a rebound or a play. That's contagious and spreads not only to his teammates, but to the fans. It takes just one play or flex to whip the crowd into a frenzy chanting, "Bobby! Bobby! Bobby!"

He also provides much-needed scoring off the bench for the Bucks. His 12.7 points per game rank first among non-starters and is five points higher than second. He's also the only one who can create his own shot, allowing him to carry the second unit for small spurts.

His most significant issue is at the other end. He's a defensive liability who isn't big or skilled enough to protect the rim nor quick enough to switch onto smaller defenders. We've seen him ride the pine for entire playoff series in the past.

His salary ($11.7 million) would allow Milwaukee to operate in the middle of vet minimum and max contracts. The Bucks would also need to acquire a third big to play behind Antetokounmpo and Lopez if they deal him.