4 Former Bucks Milwaukee Needs To Bring Back This Offseason

The Milwaukee Bucks need to consider bringing back a few of their former players this summer.
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4. Donte DiVincenzo

This may be a pipe dream, so we saved it for last. After the season Donte DiVincenzo just had with the New York Knicks, he will be almost impossible to poach.

Not only did DiVincenzo have his career year averaging 15.5 points per game, hitting 3.5 threes on 40.1% shooting from downtown, but he is also on a very team-friendly deal. The 27-year-old shooting guard will be making an average of $12 million for the next three seasons.

With his ability to hit threes with high volume and accuracy, while playing solid on-ball defense, and having decent playmaking chops, DiVincenzo is a rare combination.

The Bucks must surely regret their decision to trade him to Sacramento in the 2021-22 season in exchange for Serge Ibaka. That move completely backfired for the Bucks, who got nothing out of Ibaka, while DiVincenzo turned himself into a high-level starting shooting guard.

Realistically, the former Villanova star could only return to Milwaukee as part of a bigger trade involving Khris Middleton or Brook Lopez. The Knicks will do everything in their power to hold on to DiVincenzo but they might be willing to move him if an opportunity for a star arises. In that situation, the Bucks could potentially get involved as a third team to lure their former player.

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