4 Bucks Playing Their Final Postseason in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks are heading into crucial playoffs. It might be the last postseason in Milwaukee for a few veterans.
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3. Malik Beasley

The 27-year-old sharpshooter has been one of the pleasant surprises of the season. After being signed to a minimum contract following his struggles with the Los Angeles Lakers, Beasley had a bounce-back campaign, averaging almost 30 minutes per game and scoring 11 points on 41.7% shooting from three.

This was Beasley's best shooting season, going over 40 percent for the second time in his career. It was also his first year as a full-time starter on a good team. Considering those circumstances and his contract status, this was as good a year as the Bucks could have hoped for from the veteran shooting guard.

However, Beasley's contract expires at the end of the season. Every team in the NBA is always looking for shooters. Beasley will be impossible to retain on a similar type of deal. He should get over $10 million per year depending on how the playoffs go. The Bucks don't have the financial means to pay him that sort of contract.

Plus, Beasley is not the most ideal fit next to Damian Lillard. There is a reason Doc Rivers replaced him with Patrick Beverley in the starting lineup. Lillard and Beasley together in the backcourt create significant defensive liabilities as two undersized guards. A player of Beverley's profile, someone who can switch onto bigger players and guard the point of attack is a better fit next to Dame. Milwaukee should try to target a more defense-first player in Beasley's place in the offseason.