4 Bucks Playing Their Final Postseason in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks are heading into crucial playoffs. It might be the last postseason in Milwaukee for a few veterans.
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2. Pat Connaughton

The 31-year-old veteran is having his healthiest season in a while. As usual, he was a decent option off the bench, providing decent shooting and defensive competence. He is a well-liked and respected figure in the locker room as a six-year veteran in Milwaukee.

However, it's hard to say that he has been a difference-maker. He has lost a step on both ends of the floor, making him a low-usage player offensively, and a depth option defensively. He is hard to trust as the lead perimeter defensive option anymore and he only shoots 35% from three. Yet, due to the lack of depth on the Bucks, he has to play over 20 minutes per game.

Connaughton playing that much is not an ideal situation for any contender. He is fine as a locker room leader and deep bench option but he gets paid like a rotation-level player, due $9.4 million next season. The Bucks can likely get similar production from a rookie or another player on a veteran-minimum deal. Unless Milwaukee wins it all this season, they should move on from Connaughton.