3 Potential Busts the Packers Must Avoid With No. 25 Pick

The Green Bay Packers must avoid the temptation to reach at pick no. 25 overall...

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2. Ennis Rakestraw, CB, Missouri

One position group we're undoubtedly going to see the Green Bay Packers address in one way or another this offseason is at the cornerback position. Jaire Alexander has raised some questions about his long-term future with the team after a team-imposed suspension late last season. Eric Stokes is a former first-round pick entering a contract year having only played 12 games over the last two seasons.

And perhaps Stokes could serve as a bit of a cautionary tale for someone like Ennis Rakestraw, a very talented player out of Missouri with size, toughness, and physicality.

Rakestraw's fatal flaw as a prospect right now is not necessarily a lack of on-field ability, but perhaps a lack of on-field availability. Injuries happen to pretty much everyone, but if injuries repeatedly cause guys to miss time, it's something you have to take into account when you're talking about a first-round investment.

Rakestraw missed the 2021 season due to an ACL injury and then struggled with a groin injury in 2023, so medical evaluations at the Scouting Combine will be huge for him, especially because some already have concerns about his speed.

He currently ranks 23rd overall on Daniel Jeremiah's big board, but the Packers might want to go a different direction in round one if he's on the board.