3 Packers Who Will Be Replaced on Day 2 of the NFL Draft

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3. Anthony Johnson Jr., Safety (or Any Safety not Named Xavier McKinney)

The Green Bay Packers have set out to reshape the secondary a little bit in the 2024 offseason. We saw them lose a wide variety of players at the safety position this offseason, including their top three guys last year in terms of overall snaps.

Rudy Ford is gone. Former first-round pick Darnell Savage is gone. Jonathan Owens is gone.

They went out in free agency and brought in former Giants second-round pick Xavier McKinney, but that was really it. If you look at sites that project depth charts, 2023 seventh-round pick Anthony Johnson Jr. is currently projected as the other starting safety next to McKinney.

That's not going to fly next to McKinney this year.

The Packers seem like a very likely team to perhaps take the first safety off the board when it comes time for that to happen. Washington State's Jaden Hicks feels like he could be the ideal type of fit for Green Bay at some point in the second round, but maybe they move up for Cooper DeJean and slot him as a safety. Maybe they wait until the third round and take Utah's Cole Bishop.

If the Packers take a safety on day two of the draft, it's going to be curtains on the idea of a seventh-round pick or street free agent or former reserve/future signing trying to get into the starting lineup in 2024.

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