3 Packers Who Will Be Replaced on Day 2 of the NFL Draft

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Green Bay Packers
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2. Eric Stokes, Cornerback

Over the last two seasons, the Green Bay Packers have only seen former first-round pick Eric Stokes on the field for 12 games. That's been really tough in terms of his development, and it's made it extremely difficult for the Packers to be able to really project their personnel going forward.

Ultimately, with four selections on the second day of the NFL Draft, you've got to anticipate that the Packers could find a starting-caliber player at the cornerback position. Heck, a player who was a really popular mock draft pick to Green Bay all offseason -- Iowa's Cooper DeJean -- is still sitting there and available at pick #33 overall. Maybe Green Bay will trade up for him.

One way or the other, because of the fact that the league took almost exclusively offensive players in the first half of the first round, a lot of really good defensive players fell down the draft board. Many of those really good players are cornerbacks.

Eric Stokes's job shouldn't be guaranteed for the 2023 season anyway, but certainly not if the Packers can land a steal on Day 2 at the cornerback position.