3 Packers Who Should Be Cut Before Free Agency Opens

Which Green Bay Packers players should be let go before the free agency frenzy?
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The Green Bay Packers are not known for their historic involvement in NFL Free Agency, but this is a team that often will make calculated moves, being selectively aggressive when the situation calls for it. The Packers don't go out and spend a bunch of ridiculous money in NFL Free Agency, instead preferring to pay the guys they develop in-house. But if they want to make moves in free agency, they're going to need to create some salary cap space.

Luckily for general manager Brian Gutekunst, there are some easy ways to get that done. The Packers have already begun restructuring contracts this offseason for players like Rashan Gary and Preston Smith, but they can create even more cap space to add to the roster in the upcoming days.

With NFL Free Agency just 10 days away, what Packers players need to be let go?

1. Royce Newman, OG

At this point, it's safe to say that Royce Newman is not exactly the favored son among Green Bay Packers fandom.

Perhaps just behind former defensive coordinator Joe Barry, Newman is simply someone that Packers fans dread to see hit the field. And Newman hasn't given them much reason to change their minds about him in recent years.

Although there was maybe a point at which Newman looked like he might be able to out-play his 4th-round NFL Draft status, those days are long gone. Newman hasn't played much the last two seasons, a sign that he's fallen out of favor with the coaching staff at least to a degree. Given the fact that he went from being a starter as a rookie in 2021 to being a "break glass in case of emergency" type of option in 2023, I think we could see the Packers move on relatively quickly.

Newman is slated to count $3.24 million against the salary cap this year and the Packers can save over $3.1 million by letting him go. This one is a no-brainer.