3 Packers Veterans Who Will Be Cut Following the NFL Draft

Which Packers veterans are not safe after the NFL Draft?
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3. Andre Dillard, OT

The Green Bay Packers just added Andre Dillard to the roster before the 2024 NFL Draft, but he might not be long for this team anyway.

The former first-round pick of the Philadelphia Eagles has officially reached the "journeyman" status of his career, which is a shame because of how talented he was coming out. Given the way the Packers have been developing offensive line talent in recent years, you can't help but love the dart throw on a player like Dillard.

He's been in the league since 2019 and hasn't started more than 10 games in a season, but he's also just 28 years old and might be able to thrive in the situation the Packers provide.

As much as I love the process behind signing a player like Dillard, the Packers really emphasized the offensive line in the 2024 NFL Draft, starting with their top pick in Jordan Morgan.

Green Bay drafted three offensive linemen overall in this class, then went out and added another couple of players after the draft as undrafted free agents. It wouldn't be a huge shock to see someone like Andre Dillard ultimately fail to make this roster in Green Bay with all of the other talent they've added.

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