3 Packers Trade Targets Heading Into 2024 NFL Draft

Could the Packers make any big trades before or during the 2024 NFL Draft?
Green Bay Packers
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2. Brandon Aiyuk, WR, 49ers

Another player whose name has come up in trade rumors throughout the 2024 offseason is 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk. The obvious must be stated: It feels unlikely that the 49ers would send one of their best all-around offensive weapons to a team that just took them to the brink in the playoffs. There's not much logic in strengthening a team that could take you out in January.

Therefore, this feels very unrealistic, but so did making big trades with division rivals and there have been a handful of those in recent years including some involving the Packers.

If the price is right, Aiyuk might be available to just about any team from outside the NFC West. And it helps that Matt LaFleur has a longstanding relationship with Kyle Shanahan and perhaps that relationship could come into play here.

Why would the Packers want Aiyuk when they have so many good young receivers? Well, they lack a true WR1 at this point. Christian Watson has been good when healthy the last two years but his lack of availability is becoming a bit of a concern, to say the least.

Adding Aiyuk could take this Green Bay offense to the next level.