3 Packers Trade Packages to Move Up for Cooper DeJean in Draft

Three potential trade packages and partners for the Green Bay Packers to move up in the draft and select Iowa's Cooper DeJean.
Oct 21, 2023; Iowa City, Iowa, USA; Iowa Hawkeyes defensive back Cooper DeJean (3) looks on during
Oct 21, 2023; Iowa City, Iowa, USA; Iowa Hawkeyes defensive back Cooper DeJean (3) looks on during / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Steelers an Option in the 20s?

Predicting DeJean's ultimate draft spot is just too difficult right now. But let's say his impressive pro day gives him a slight bump, rather than a huge boost in stock ahead of April's event.

The Packers could then land him for a bit less than a move up to the middle of the first round from 25. And if the early 20s is enough to draft DeJean, then the Pittsburgh Steelers at 20 are an ideal trade partner.

Pittsburgh is in the midst of a total reset at quarterback after choosing to part ways with Kenny Pickett and instead sign Russell Wilson. They also added former Chicago Bears starter Justin Fields to the mix, but it's possible the Steelers' long-term QB still isn't on the roster yet.

Given this uncertainty, the Steelers need to solely focus on adding young talent to help accelerate their rebuild. Trading down from 20 to pick up extra selections is an excellent way to accomplish that goal.

In this final proposal, the Packers send No. 25 (720 points and No. 88 (150 points) to Pittsburgh for No. 20 (850 points). It's a little bit of an "overpay" in terms of the points value (870 vs. 850), but Green Bay also owns No. 91, so it's not like the team is punting on the third round altogether. And paying a tad more to get a player you believe will be worth it if he pans out as planned.

Considering DeJean's college production -- recording seven interceptions and 13 passes defended over the past two seasons -- to go along with his incredible physical traits, it'd be no surprise if he does make waves at the next level.

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