3 Packers With Most To Prove This Offseason

Discover which Green Bay Packers players have the most to prove this offseason. From veteran stars to emerging talents, see who needs to step up and make a significant impact before the 2024 NFL season kicks off.
NFC Divisional Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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2. Rashan Gary, Defensive End

Rashan Gary’s journey with the Packers has been one of gradual improvement and rising expectations. Drafted 12th overall in 2019, he has shown flashes of brilliance but has yet to consistently perform at a Pro Bowl level. He only racked up nine sacks and 30 pressures last season, below his career-highs.

Gary’s physical tools are undeniable. He possesses a rare combination of size, speed, and athleticism that makes him a potential game-changer on the outside. However, translating those attributes into consistent production has been his challenge. In the 2022 season, Gary recorded a career-high in sacks and tackles for loss, indicating his growth as a pass rusher, but hasn't been able to build on those.

This offseason, Gary needs to focus on enhancing his technique and increasing his football IQ. Understanding offensive schemes better and refining his pass-rushing moves can elevate his game. Additionally, showing leadership in training camp and taking on a more prominent role in the defense will be vital.

Green Bay is looking for Gary to emerge as a dominant force, capable of anchoring their pass rush. A strong offseason performance will not only secure his future with the team but also solidify the Packers’ defense as a formidable unit. Gary has the potential to become a defensive star, and this offseason is his opportunity to prove it.

He is getting paid like an elite defensive end, and Green Bay needs him to play like one. Hopefully, being another year removed from his ACL tear will allow him to get back on the tear we know he's capable of.