3 Packers Most Likely to Be Traded This Offseason

Which Green Bay Packers are most likely to be traded this offseason?
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2. Aaron Jones, RB

The Green Bay Packers could be looking at a bit of an overhaul at the running back position this offseason. They have Aaron Jones under contract with AJ Dillon slated to hit free agency in 2024.

Although Jones was injured early in the 2023 season and didn't really regain form until way later in the year. The question of whether or not either of those guys will be on the team in 2024 is a valid one. Jones is going to be 30 this coming season and has a base salary of $11.1 million with a salary cap hit of $17.575 million.

The Packers could save nearly $12 million if they trade him after June 1.

Now, the trick here is that they could also save the same amount of money by making Jones a post-June 1 cut earlier in the offseason. Could they figure out some sort of compromise with a team that wants to trade for Jones and take on more of his salary?

That might be the only way the Packers can get decent value for Jones as opposed to just letting him go this offseason. And with the way we saw him play late this past season, why should Green Bay just dump him?

They will need the right trade partner to come along, and they'd also need Jones to play along, but this one is possible.