3 Packers Draft Picks Who May Not Make the 53-Man Roster

Which Green Bay Packers draft picks might not crack the final 53?
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2. Kalen King, CB, Penn State (7th round)

It's always going to be tough for seventh-round picks to make the roster, even for someone like Kalen King who was frequently picked higher than this in mock draft projections. The question with this guy is why in the world did he go from having 18 passes defended in 2022 to having just two passes defended in 2023, while still playing in 12 total games?

The reality, evidenced by his draft status, is that King struggled in some of his matchups in the 2023 season at Penn State. He needs a bounce-back year and it's coming at a crucial time -- his rookie year in the NFL. Not only that but he's got to overcome seventh-round NFL draft status.

He's also got a talented group of corners ahead of him on the depth chart.

King struggled last year at Penn State but didn't work out well in the pre-draft process, running a 4.61 in the 40-yard dash. The Packers are on a bit of a streak with seventh-round players working out, including a couple of years ago from the Penn State program (OT Rasheed Walker), but this one will be tough.