3 Overrated Packers Heading Into 2024 NFL Season

Although the Green Bay Packers are on the cusp of taking the next leap, there are several players who are overrated heading into the 2024 NFL season and shouldn't be relied upon as heavily.
Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers
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The Green Bay Packers will once again field one of the youngest teams in the NFL next season, depending on several youngsters to take that next step. However, they're overrating the contributions of a couple of key players on their roster.

Green Bay knows they aren't perfect and worked to address their weaknesses by adding depth at certain positions to create competition. Hopefully, that helps players rise to the occasion and achieve a level of sustained success they haven't in the past.

For now, there are several players who are primed to play key roles during the 2024 NFL season that should worry Packers' fans. Here are three players who are overrated heading into next season.

3. Josh Myers, Center

Josh Myers, the Packers' second-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, was expected to solidify the center position for years to come. However, as we head into the 2024 season, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Myers might not be the long-term solution.

After a solid first two years in the pass-blocking department, Myers struggled with it in 2023. He gave up a whopping 28 pressures and 20 hurries after only allowing 22 and 16 respectively in his first two years combined.

Despite his size and strength, elite defensive tackles have often overpowered him. His footwork and hand placement need significant improvement to handle the more physically dominant interior linemen in the league. These struggles have led to pressure on the quarterback, a critical issue for any offense aiming for efficiency and reliability.

The biggest area where Myers has failed to meet expectations is run blocking. While he has the physical tools to be a dominant run blocker, he has often missed assignments or failed to get to the second level effectively. This has limited the effectiveness of the Packers' run game for backs not named Aaron Jones.

Heading into 2024, Myers needs to address these deficiencies to avoid being labeled as a draft disappointment. For the Packers to solidify their offensive line and maximize their offensive potential, Myers must step up his game and deliver the consistent, high-level performance expected from a second-round pick.