3 Milwaukee Bucks Who Could Be Traded During 2024 NBA Draft

Keep your eye on these three Milwaukee Bucks who are on the trading block heading into the 2024 NBA Draft.
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The Milwaukee Bucks will have some difficult decisions to make during the 2024 NBA Draft when they have their first real opportunity of the offseason to upgrade their roster.

On draft night, the Milwaukee Bucks will have the option to trade their 23rd overall pick, their 2031 first and second-rounders, and even their 33rd overall pick. This opens up a range of possibilities for the team to consider in their pursuit of roster upgrades.

Although they can combine any of those draft picks they want in the deal, they will be limited in what players they can attach thanks to the new second apron rules of the CBA. Since the Bucks are considered to be in the second apron, they can’t take back more money in a trade or aggregate contracts sent out (i.e., combine two players’ salaries in a deal to take on a bigger salary from another team).

They could move someone with a larger salary to acquire a player with a smaller one, removing them from the second apron and opening up more flexible trade rules. However, that process would hard cap them from going over the second apron at any point during the 2024-25 season.

Regardless of which route they go, it’s highly likely general manager Jon Horst and the front office will pull the trigger on a trade during the draft. That mean’s these three players are on the hot seat.

3. Pat Connaughton

Pat Connaughton has seemingly been on the trade block for at least a year now. Rumor has it Milwaukee shopped him around the trade deadline but didn’t find anything nice to get in return.

That will probably be true during the draft as well. Connaughton is seen as a negative asset thanks to his declining play over the last two years and his contract situation. He’s set to make $9.4 million in 2024-25 with a player option worth the same amount in 2025-26—essentially a two-year deal. If Milwaukee wants to get out from under his contract, they’ll have to attach a pick or two to entice another team to take on his salary.