3 Milwaukee Bucks on Thin Ice Following 2024 NBA Draft

These three Milwaukee Bucks better be checking their backs following the results of the 2024 NBA Draft.
Milwaukee Bucks Introduce Doc Rivers
Milwaukee Bucks Introduce Doc Rivers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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2. MarJon Beauchamp

I did not expect the Bucks to keep both draft picks. The selections of Johnson and Smith give Milwaukee six players on its 15-man roster who are 24 years old or younger. AJ Green, Andre Jackson Jr., Chris Livingston, and MarJon Beauchamp are the others.

Other than Livingston, Beauchamp may have the most difficult path to playing time among the non-rookie youngsters. Even though he battled injuries after Doc Rivers took over as the head coach, he's shown the least of those guys.

Beauchamp was drafted for his potential to become a three-and-D wing. His long wingspan could affect ball-handlers on the perimeter and allow him to defend multiple positions. His stroke also had the potential to develop into an average three-point shooter.

Unfortunately, all of those skills have remained theoretical, as we've rarely seen him put it all together consistently. Sure, he's had flashes in the pan, but he hasn't proven he can contribute regularly.

Perhaps, that's the jump the Bucks are looking for from Beauchamp, Green, and Jackson. Unfortunately for Beauchamp, he comes with a rising price tag. He's set to make $2.7 million in the third year of his rookie contract with a fourth-year option worth $4.8 million. Will the Bucks really pay that much for a player who hasn't proven he can put it all together?

If the answer to that question is no, they could shop him this summer. Beauchamp might be attractive to a rebuilding team out there and allow the Bucks to get a more useful piece in return.