3 Low-Cost Running Backs the Packers Can Sign to Back Up Josh Jacobs

After walking away from Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, the Packers need a backup option behind Josh Jacobs. Fortunately, there are at least three low-cost RBs that Green Bay can sign.

Ezekiel Elliott is one low-cost RB that the Packers should target.
Ezekiel Elliott is one low-cost RB that the Packers should target. / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
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3. RB Kareem Hunt

Is Kareem Hunt still in his prime? Not even close, but that doesn't mean that the veteran RB can't help the Packers fix one glaring issue.

During the 2023 campaign, the Packers' backfield struggled to score in the red zone, racking up only four rushing TDs on 76 carries. On the flip side, Hunt is coming off a season with the Browns that saw him score a career-high nine TDs with each one coming on a carry inside of the 20-yard line, single-handedly outperforming Green Bay's RB room on 35 red-zone carries.

Granted, Hunt was far from perfect. The 3.0 yards per carry that the 28-year-old rusher averaged was the worst mark of his career and he found little production outside of the red zone. But at the same time, the Packers wouldn't need to worry about that since Jacobs is more than capable of being a bell cow runner while Hunt can be saved for when they really need him.

If Hunt can successfully improve the Packers' red-zone game, the offense could be even scarier in 2024.

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