3 Former Packers Who Will Fail Miserably With Their New Teams After Free Agency

Which former Packers players are destined to fail on new teams in 20

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2. De'Vondre Campbell, LB (San Francisco 49ers)

With the way Oren Burks played in San Francisco this past year, you can't help but at least question whether or not De'Vondre Campbell is going to find success with the 49ers, even if it feels like the writing is on the wall with his career being on a downswing.

Campbell was an amazing free agent dart throw for the Packers a few years ago, and he earned a big-money contract in Green Bay. The Packers got out of that big-money contract recently as Campbell hasn't exactly proven that he's worth the investment on the field.

He has missed 10 games over the last two seasons combined, and was often caught out of position in 2023.

His pass coverage in 2023 was arguably the worst of his NFL career, allowing a career-low 11.9 yards per reception when passes were thrown his direction, and a QB rating in his coverage of 111.2.

Campbell took to Instagram to note that he was "misused" in Green Bay, which wouldn't be the first time we've seen that word associated with players in Joe Barry's scheme. But even with a new defensive coordinator coming in, the Packers determined that Campbell wasn't worth keeping around. You sort of expect players to do well in San Francisco by association at this point, but Campbell's time may be running out.