3 Former Packers Who Will Fail Miserably With Their New Teams After Free Agency

Which former Packers players are destined to fail on new teams in 20
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The Green Bay Packers had to make some tough sacrifices already in the 2024 offseason in order to make some necessary big moves in NFL free agency. The double-edged sword of having a good young roster in today's NFL is that there will eventually be a time when you have to break up the band a little bit.

The Packers once again said goodbye to a number of notable players this offseason after trading away Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers in consecutive offseasons. But just like with Adams and Rodgers, players leaving the Packers in 2024 may come to find that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Which former Packers are destined to fail on their new teams in 2024?

1. Jon Runyan Jr., OG (New York Giants)

The Green Bay Packers weren't going to pay Jon Runyan Jr. what he ended up getting from the New York Giants, a three-year contract worth a whopping $30 million in total money. Getting $10 million in average annual value is a great deal for Runyan, but was it an overpay by the New York Giants?

It might just be.

The Giants have struggled to find stability on their offensive line. They are potentially planning on moving Runyan to his preferred position of left guard, which even further complicates his value in this kind of a deal. Perhaps the Giants are just content to pay any price for any sort or upgrade at the guard position.

Packers fans weren't exactly sad to see Runyan leave, and understandably so. Even as a full-time starter for a handful of years, it was clear that Green Bay had a chance to upgrade his position this offseason.