3 First-Round Prospects That Could Fall to the Packers at No. 41

Could the Green Bay Packers get a 1st-round value with the 41st overall pick?
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2. Keon Coleman, WR, Florida State

The Green Bay Packers are pretty loaded at the wide receiver position, but if you want to talk about what first-round caliber prospects could be available at that 41st overall pick, the wide receiver position might also be the most loaded group in this draft class.

There should be three receivers off the board within the first 10 picks of the draft. There could be as many as 6-8 selected in the first round overall. One player who has typically been projected in the late 20s throughout the majority of the NFL Draft process is Florida State's Keon Coleman, a guy who made impossible catches look easy at Florida State.

Coleman is a stud, and won't even be 21 years old before the start of the 2024 NFL Draft. With so many selections and such a talented roster, the Packers could easily justify another big-body player at this position. Coleman could push Christian Watson in a number of ways, which could include eventually pushing him off the roster.

Watson has been in the league for two seasons, and will already turn 25 in May. He's not "old" by any means, but he's only got two years left on his contract and the Packers don't really know how much they can rely on him as their true WR1 at this point. He's got more touchdowns (12) than any other receiver drafted since 2022, but Green Bay might be wise to take someone like Coleman given the value he would present with the 41st overall pick if he's still sitting there.