3 Aging Packers Veterans Who Should Be Replaced in the NFL Draft

Are there any aging veterans the Packers will look to replace in the 2024 NFL Draft?
Green Bay Packers
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2. Jaire Alexander, CB

Let's clarify something really quick: Jaire Alexander, at the age of 27, is not necessarily an "aging" player. He's not getting any younger, but he should realistically be entering the prime years of his NFL career coming up.

But with 11 picks and some recent friction between Alexander and the Packers, he's one of the older players on this roster who might be looking over his shoulder after the 2024 NFL Draft. Perhaps the way the Packers approach the 2024 draft will flip the proverbial sand timer on Alexander's time in Green Bay.

He's only just turned 27 this past February as well, so it's not like Alexander is close to turning the page to 28. But he has been in the league for six going on seven seasons now, and the Packers have proven in recent years that they are more than willing to move off of big money contracts if need be.

Alexander was served a team-imposed suspension late last season for a game, and the Packers have been rumored to be all over the cornerback market in this year's draft. It might not be just Eric Stokes's replacement the Packers are after in this year's class.