10 Free Agents Bucks Could Still Sign for the Veteran Minimum

With one open roster spot remaining, the Milwaukee Bucks could use it to target one of these free agents on a veteran minimum contract.
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6. Josh Okogie, Wing

If Milwaukee wants to sign Josh Okogie, they'll have to compete with the Phoenix Suns for his talents. The Suns own his early bird rights and can go over the veteran minimum to re-sign him if they're truly motivated.

Okogie is a solid defender who can provide minimal offense. His best skills are his unselfishness to do all the dirty work on both ends of the court and the size he'd give Milwaukee's backcourt. He's not a huge needle-move, but not many guys in this category are.

5. Lonnie Walker IV, Wing

If the Bucks sign Lonnie Walker IV, they'd look to Rivers and their veterans to reign him in. Walker IV loves his offensive game more than anybody else and will do too much on that end of the court as a result. That could keep contenders like Milwaukee away, as they want as many shots to go to their Big Three as possible.

Other than that, however, these two could be a quality fit for each other. Walker IV has the athletic tools and potential to be a good defender. He'd also immediately upgrade the Bucks' athleticism, something they desperately need after getting run out of the gym against the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

4. Cedi Osman, Forward

Cedi Osman would give Milwaukee some flexibility to play alongside Antetokounmpo as a small-ball four or slide down to the wing and give them nice size (he's 6-foot-7 and 230 pounds). He can space the floor some and cut when needed. He'll also bring the necessary energy as a role player who embraces his role.