10 Free Agents Bucks Could Still Sign for the Veteran Minimum

With one open roster spot remaining, the Milwaukee Bucks could use it to target one of these free agents on a veteran minimum contract.
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The Milwaukee Bucks have maximized their limited assets this offseason, signing two quality veterans in Delon Wright and Taurean Prince to veteran minimum contracts. With one open roster spot, can they go three-for-three in free agency?

Time will tell, but it’s clear the Bucks need to squeeze every ounce of talent from the market.

Milwaukee kept both their 23rd and 33rd overall picks in the 2024 NBA Draft, selecting two 19-year-olds, AJ Johnson and Tyler Smith, who are unlikely to contribute next season. This gives them six young players (Johnson, Smith, AJ Green, Andre Jackson Jr., MarJon Beauchamp, and Chris Livingston)—an unusual strategy for a team in win-now mode.

Consequently, the Bucks still have holes to fill with their final roster spot. They need a fourth big who can play quality minutes if Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bobby Portis, or Brook Lopez miss time. They also need more athleticism and defense on the wing, and another ball-handler wouldn’t hurt.

With these needs in mind, here are 10 remaining free agents the Bucks could target with a veteran minimum contract.

10. Daniel Theis, Big

This is an unsexy move, but one that could give them quality depth in the frontcourt. Daniel Theis would allow Doc Rivers to play a more versatile defensive scheme, as he can play both big positions and switch onto wings in a pinch. That versatility would be attractive, as he could play with any of the Bucks' established bigs.

He won't give you much offensively, but he is slightly better than advertised. He's worked hard on his three-point stroke and is at least serviceable from deep. He also sets good ball screens, something both Damian Lillard and Antetokounmpo have acknowledged as important. Lastly, he'll play hard every single minute he's on the court. There are worse ways the Bucks could burn their final roster spot.