7 Risers and Fallers in Packers Stock Market After Preseason Win at CIN

Green Bay Packers quarterback Sean Clifford (8) throws in the second quarter during a Week 1 NFL preseason game between the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Bengals,Friday, Aug. 11, 2023, at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati.
Green Bay Packers quarterback Sean Clifford (8) throws in the second quarter during a Week 1 NFL preseason game between the Green Bay Packers and the Cincinnati Bengals,Friday, Aug. 11, 2023, at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati. /

As I’ve been keeping a close watch on training camp, I’ve been tracking the ups and downs of the Green Bay Packers at crucial junctures. We’ve done it post the first week of training camp, right after Family Night, and you bet we’ll be doing it after every preseason showdown too (before hitting the reset button for the regular season).

So far, the following players have been noted as trending up:

  • Tyler Goodson
  • Tyler Davis
  • Lukas Van Ness
  • Jaire Alexander
  • Anders Carlson
  • Jaire Alexander
  • Luke Musgrave
  • The entire defensive line

On the flip side, these players’ arrow was pointing down:

  • Patrick Taylor
  • Yosh Nijman
  • David Bakhtiari’s health
  • Josh Myers

Let’s check in on the Green Bay Packers stock market following their first preseason game, including updates on Anders Carlson, Sean Clifford, and more.

Faller: Anders Carlson

Anders Carlson’s training camp has been a rollercoaster ride. He faced early hiccups, then roared back with a standout performance at Family Night and the subsequent practices. However, his Friday Night performance threw in another twist. While he aced a 45-yard field goal, he stumbled on extra points, converting just three out of five.

The pressure is undeniably getting to him, especially when those extra points should be a breeze. Green Bay must swiftly inject some competition into the mix, because the kicker position is teetering on the edge of disaster for the upcoming 2023 season.

Riser: Emanuel Wilson

The race for the Packers’ third running back slot just took an intriguing turn. With Lew Nichols sidelined by injury and Tyler Goodson departing early due to a shoulder concern, all eyes shifted to Emanuel Wilson. And boy, did he seize the spotlight. Wilson blazed a trail with six carries, racking up an impressive 111 yards and punching in two touchdowns – an 11-yard burst and a dazzling 80-yard sprint to paydirt. His display showcased not just sharp vision and patience, but an unexpectedly swift burst of speed.

Faller: Royce Newman and Sean Rhyan

The interior of the Packers’ offensive line, behind Elgton Jenkins and Jon Runyan, have some serious questions. While Sean Rhyan had been impressing with his sturdy performances during practice, his game performance took a detour. A mishap in the second quarter led to Sean Clifford’s costly interception return for a touchdown. On the other hand, Royce Newman’s gridiron journey extended well into the fourth quarter during Green Bay’s inaugural preseason clash, a worrying sign.

Riser: Karl Brooks

The interior defensive line continues to shine with Karl Brooks leading the way on Friday night. His disruptive presence on numerous plays serves as a resounding reminder that he’s poised to be an integral piece of their rotation in the upcoming season. Almost out of nowhere, Green Bay now boasts an impressive lineup of five to six top-tier defensive linemen.

Riser: Sean Clifford

I must admit, I was quite vocal in my skepticism about Green Bay’s decision to draft Sean Clifford in the fifth round. However, it appears that the rookie is determined to silence his critics, and he’s already making strides in that direction.

During Friday night’s game, Clifford displayed a level of confidence and competence that suggests he truly belongs on the field. His ability to read the field, exercise patience, and maintain composure in the pocket was noteworthy. While he did experience a couple of interceptions (he finished 20-for-26 for 208 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions), the majority of his throws were notably accurate and delivered with considerable force. It seems Clifford is determined to prove me wrong, and I’m happy to acknowledge his progress thus far.

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Riser: Carrington Valentine

Carrington Valentine truly made his mark during an impressive week in Cincinnati. He fearlessly took on the challenge of matching up against J’Mar Chase in their joint practice sessions and showcased his skills effectively. This momentum flowed seamlessly into the game, where he impressively deflected three passes. It’s becoming evident that Green Bay’s decision to draft Valentine in the seventh round was a real steal, as he continues to validate his potential and contribute significantly to the team’s success.