Pros and Cons of Aaron Rodgers returning to Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is a four-time NFL MVP winner.Syndication Usa Today
Aaron Rodgers is a four-time NFL MVP winner.Syndication Usa Today /
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Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers /

Pro: The Green Bay Packers can possibly trade Jordan Love for a draft pick

The Indianapolis Colts just traded Carson Wentz. One of the rumored reasons Gutekunst moved up to draft Love was the Colts wanted to draft the quarterback just as bad.

The Colts just so happen to need a quarterback so maybe they might be interested in taking another chance to acquire Love.

The top quarterback free agent is Mitchell Trubisky and the NFL draft has a weak quarterback class. Maybe Colts general manager Chris Ballard and head coach Frank Reich decide they can develop Love into a starting NFL quarterback.

Love possibly could fetch as high as a second-round pick in a trade.

The Colts just happened to have acquired the Washington Commanders’ second-round pick in the Wentz deal. With a deep wide receiver and lineman draft, the Green Bay Packers could use an extra high pick to get some help at those areas of need.

Con: The salary cap situation

Right now the Green Bay Packers are still well over the salary cap heading into free agency. More contracts will have to be extended or restructured. Some players will have to be cut to get under the cap.

If Rodgers’ new contract reports are true, it will make the Packers’ salary cap situation tight for the next couple of seasons.

That will make it tough for the Packers to go out and add impact free agents.

The Packers most likely will have to use the draft and undrafted free agents to fill out the roster. The cap is always manageable so it does not necessarily mean the Packers are completely out of the free agent market.

It just means the Green Bay Packers might not be able to make better offers to free agents when competing against other teams for players’ services.

The Packers are going all in for a Super Bowl. If they win one, it will be worth it—which we can put in the pro category.

If the Packers do not make the Super Bowl or do not win one, then that is another con for bringing back Rodgers.

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