What will the Milwaukee Brewers roster look like in 2025?

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The Milwaukee Brewers’ 2020 season is currently on hold, so it’s a great time to look forward to the future and who we might be watching in 2025.

Every season the roster looks different for every team in the league. Each offseason brings new talent in and some guys find different places to call home. The Milwaukee Brewers are no exception to this, and the roster is bound to look very different five seasons from now.

Obviously, most contracts don’t go five years into the future, so making out a possible roster that could exist that far out is going to take some creativity and maybe some crystal ball viewing too.

There are three basic player groups that could be Milwaukee Brewers in 2025. The first is guys who have contracts or will still be under team control for that season. The next is prospects that are currently in the Brewers organization that could get to the majors in five years. Finally, there are players that are currently on other MLB teams that could be reasonably signed as free agents to fill the needs remaining on the roster.

This is not a true 100 percent prediction of the team in five seasons. Things like trades that could happen make it borderline impossible to really be able to see a team’s future, but I believe this is a reasonable outlook for the future of the organization.

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