Green Bay Packers: 2020 Mock Draft Simulation & Big Takeaways

BOULDER, CO - SEPTEMBER 14: Wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. #2 of the Colorado Buffaloes runs for a first down against the Air Force Falcons in the fourth quarter of a game at Folsom Field on September 14, 2019 in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
BOULDER, CO - SEPTEMBER 14: Wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. #2 of the Colorado Buffaloes runs for a first down against the Air Force Falcons in the fourth quarter of a game at Folsom Field on September 14, 2019 in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /
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ATHENS, GEORGIA – NOVEMBER 23: Kellen Mond #11 of the Texas A&M Aggies looks to pass against the Georgia Bulldogs in the first half at Sanford Stadium on November 23, 2019 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Pick 154: Walker Little OT – Stanford

Kyle Crabbs’ analysis:

"“I think he might actually be a Guard parading around in a Tackle’s clothing — he’s built boxy and I like his functional strength in situations where he’s belly to belly with defensive linemen. He can do a really nice job in turnout situations and leveraging with his hands in grappling opportunities to uproot a defender and win leverage — but he has to be balanced to do it with consistency and he’s most effective there when he’s working in tight quarters. Has functional athleticism to really build out as a puller and space blocker — but he does need more consistency to rein himself in.”"

Pick 176: Stanford Samuels III CB – Florida State

Kyle Crabbs’ analysis:

"“Instinctive zone defender who did very well with eyes in the backfield to sink, shade and overlap his zone coverages. Pairs his instincts and eyes in the backfield with very good length, making him a total headache to try to throw over, around or cross up in zone. He’s manned shallow zone, deep third and been effective in both spots — despite his tackling woes and limited play strength he’s willing to step up into the flats and get himself some action in support to the boundary.”"

Pick 186: Nyles Pinckney IDL – Clemson

Kyle Crabb’s analysis:

"“Stocky build arms him with plenty of leverage to win at the point of attack, he’s constantly under the pads of opposing blockers and effectively stuffing up one on ones. I like his motor, he shows good hustle to flow and scrape to the football on rollouts or boundary runs. He’s got ample core strength and effective ability to hold ground vs. double teams. His hands are heavy, if offensive linemen concede their chest to him in one on one situations, he’ll reset the LOS with ease due to a compact punch and notable hand power.”"

Pick 218: Kellen Mond QB – Texas A&M

Kyle Crabbs’ analysis:

"“The arm talent is apparent pretty quickly when you pop on the tape and look at some of the throws he’s able to pull off. He’s got terrific flashes of accuracy and touch, both in clean pockets and when under duress. He’s got a sharp snap of the wrist for release — which helps him to hold the ball under duress for a half second longer before releasing to allow maximum separation. He’s athletic, too — Texas A&M doesn’t often unleash him in pure QB run concepts but when he’s drawing man coverage, he’ll tuck and make you pay for turning your back to him in coverage. He’s light on his feet in the pocket and shows good presence to step up into the pocket to steepen angles of pass rushers looking to tag him off the edge. His “wow” throws are among some of the best you’ll see in the class."

Pick 220: Steven Gonzalez IOL – Penn State

Kyle Crabbs’ analysis:

"” Steven Gonzalez has a powerful lower half, is able to reset the line of scrimmage and create push against head up defenders or when tasked with stepping down on angular blocks. Is well built and offers natural strength needed to go toe to toe with heavy hitters up front. Has been a catalyst on several big runs, thanks to ability to wall off a rushing lane after creating initial movement up front. Ability to re-anchor after absorbing an initial blow allows for maintained space for the quarterback to work from the pocket. He certainly looks the part of a gap/power blocker and has the functional strength to be an asset if you ask him to win real estate at the point of attack.”"

Big Takeaways

  • While I do think the Green Bay Packers will need to add a tight end next season since I’m expecting Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis both to be gone, I don’t expect it to be in the draft. With an already young group with Robert Tonyan and Jace Sternberger, my guess is that they look to add a veteran to the mix.
  • Obviously you don’t want to reach, but I hope they take an offensive tackle much earlier than the fifth round.
  • Not to mention that with this being such a deep receiver class and with the Green Bay Packers having a clear need, I hope that they take at least two in this draft.
  • With both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams still on their rookie deals, a third round pick for a running back seems unnecessary and I think that there are other positions of greater need to address.
  • I love the Laviska Shenault pick in the first round.
  • And depending on who is available in the first or second round, spending one of those selections on a ILB wouldn’t be a bad idea. Especially considering the uncertainty around Blake Martinez’ future with the team.

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So there you have it, at least for the time being. Be sure to comment below or find us @DairylandXpress on Twitter to let us know your thoughts on these picks for the Green Bay Packers. And for more information on these prospects, be sure to check out The Draft Network.