Green Bay Packers: Highlighting 2019 undrafted free agent class

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Every year once the NFL draft concludes, teams scramble to add the top undrafted rookies to their team and here is what you need to know about the Green Bay Packers signees.

The Green Bay Packers have signed 13 undrafted free agents as of Sunday morning following the draft. While the odds may be against them in regards to making the 53-man roster come week one, Green Bay does have a strong history of finding some very good players once the draft is over. Notable names include Cullen Jenkins, Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, and Ryan Grant.

These players have an uphill battle but they will provide competition during camp, which is always a good thing, and for all we know the next Tramon Williams or Cullen Jenkins is in this group.

As he did in the draft, General Manager Brian Gutekunst attacked the biggest positional issues on this team and focused heavily on the defensive side of the ball when deciding who to bring in. And at this point in the draft process, each of these players is a lottery ticket, so you while you want to value positional need, high upside is a huge factor as well. Any contribution is better than no contribution.

Below are the players that the Green Bay Packers will bring into their rookie and training camps this summer and a little bit about their college careers.

Manny Wilkins, QB – Arizona State

2018: 3,025 yards, 20 TDs, 6 interceptions, 62.8 completion percentage

Career: 8,624 yards, 52 TDs, 23 interceptions, 63.2 completion percentage

C.J. Collins, QB – Southwestern Assemblies of God University

2018: 3,209 yards, 31 TDs, 6 interceptions, 58.9 completion percentage

Career: 10,723 yards, 95 TDs, 34 interceptions, 56.8 completion percentage

The Green Bay Packers have had some luck in recent years finding undrafted quarterbacks that have been able to make NFL rosters in Tim Boyle and Taysom Hill. While both Wilkins and Collins likely best hope is the practice squad, added competition in the quarterback room is never a bad thing.

Yousauh Nijman, OL – Virginia Tech

Like most Brian Gutekunst additions, Nijman has the measurables and is highly athletic. However, his technique is very sloppy. After the Packers starting five, there are question marks, so Nijman gives them some added competition in camp.

Randy Ramsey, DL – Arkansas

2018: 32 total tackles, 7 tackles for loss, 3.0 sacks

Career: 106 total tackles, 19.5 for loss, 8.5 sacks

Greg Roberts, DE – Baylor

2018: 33 total tackles, 8 tackles for loss, 3 sacks

Career: 81 total tackles, 15.5 tackles for loss, 3 sacks

Between free agency and the draft, the Green Bay Packers have gone above and beyond in addressing their pass rush need. However, the name of the game in today’s NFL is getting to the quarterback, so bringing in two players like Ramsey and Roberts to see what they can do and to potentially add depth is a smart decision given the importance of the position.

Nate Brooks, DB – North Texas

2018: 67 total tackles, 6 interceptions, 10 pass break-ups, 1 forced fumble

Career: 193 total tackles, 10 interceptions, 19 pass break-ups, 3 forced fumbles

Devonte Williams, DB – Texas A&M Kingsville

2018: 56 total tackles, 2 interceptions, 8 pass break-ups, 3 forced fumbles

Career: 190 total tackles, 9 interceptions, 33 pass break-ups, 6 forced fumbles

Javien Hamilton, DB – Ole Miss

2018: 18 total tackles, 0 interceptions, 2 pass break-ups, 0 forced fumbles

Career: 38 total tackles, 3 interceptions, 7 pass break-ups, 0 forced fumbles

Nydair Rouse, DB – West Chester

2018: 19 total tackles, 2 interceptions, 5 pass break-ups, 0 forced fumbles

Career: 59 total tackles, 6 interceptions, 16 pass break-ups, 3 forced fumbles

On paper I really like the cornerback unit that Brian Gutekunst has put together, however, I do have concerns when it comes to the overall health of the group. In bringing in four defensive backs, hopefully, one can stick and help add some depth to the position.

Kabion Ento, WR – Colorado

2018: 161 yards, 0 TDs, 13.4 yards per catch

Career: 335 yards, 2 TDs, 16.8 yards per catch

Although Ento was a receiver during his time at Colorado, it was reported that the Packers are signing him as a cornerback. Giving them another player to add to the mix as they look for more depth at the position.

Matt Eaton, WR – Iowa State

2018: 304 yards, 2 TDs, 11.3 yards per catch

Career: 523 yards, 6 TDs, 10.7 yards per catch

By not selecting a wide receiver early in the draft as many had expected, Green Bay is showing the confidence that they have in the young options they currently have on the roster. Signing Eaton is going to add to an already crowded wide receiver room and the practice squad is the likely best case scenario for him, but he may just surprise us with what we see.

Davis Koppenhaver, TE – Duke

2018: 115 yards, 7 TDs, 8.2 yards per catch

Career: 431 yards, 12 TDs, 8.8 yards per catch

I was a little surprised that the Green Bay Packers didn’t double dip at tight end in the draft, given that none of the current options on the roster, outside of rookie Jace Sternberger, are guaranteed to be under contract in 2020. While Koppenhaver isn’t going to wow anyone with his stats, he could be a red zone target early in his career and if he sticks, he gives Green Bay another option in 2020.

Patrick Eby, LS – Columbia

Last season when it came to the field goal unit, there were some continuity issues. Veteran kicker Mason Crosby was working with a rookie holder and a new long snapper. During the Detroit game, in particular, it was noted that the issues with the snapper and holder may have affected Crosby during that game. This is an often forgotten about position, but hopefully Green Bay can get it figured out.

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Every year in Packers training camp there always seems to be a player that comes out of nowhere and impresses the coaching staff, let’s see if one of these undrafted rookies can be that guy and possibly make an impact in the 2019 season.