Green Bay Packers: 5 good free agents to consider in 2019

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The Green Bay Packers will have some money to play with in free agency. Here are 5 good free agents they could pursue this offseason.

Last season, the Green Bay Packers hired a new general manager in Brian Gutekunst. This year, they hired a new head coach in Matt LaFleur. Unfortunately, that’s likely just the beginning of the changes coming in Green Bay.

Gutekunst and company need to quickly upgrade the roster around Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has shown he’s mortal the last couple of seasons, suffering from numerous injuries and not playing his best football. In order to relieve some of that pressure, Gutekunst needs to build up the team around him.

Fortunately, Green Bay will have six picks within the first four rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft to work with. He’ll also have about $41 million in money to spend in free agency according to This should provide the front office with plenty of ammunition to quickly upgrade the team.

Even though Green Bay will have that money to spend, that doesn’t mean they should spend it all. The Packers were very conservative in the past under Ted Thompson, but Gutekunst showed he’s willing to sign the right player during his first offseason. We’ll see if that continues this year. Regardless, here are five good free agents Green Bay could sign this year.