Green Bay Packers: 2018-19 season Studs and Duds

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Dud No. 2 – Safety Kentrell Brice

The argument could easily be made that Kentrell Brice could be the number one dud on this list after the numerous mistakes that we saw throughout the year. However, once we get to that specific gentleman, I think we’ll be in agreement that the third-year safety is in the right spot here at number two. Far too often, Brice looked lost, especially in coverage, where he was exposed numerous times on deep routes that cost the team multiple wins this season.

One particularly brutal area for Brice and the Packers as a whole was his propensity for missed tackles. Brice struggled to break down quickly and adjust to ball carriers. Also, he far too often went high with his hands which doesn’t work against a lot of the NFL’s best players. Safety was a struggle for the Packers all year long, but Brice never gave the team the production they needed from him this year.

Brice is heading into free agency this offseason, and he didn’t do himself a lot of favors to landing a new contract. The safety market is already depressed, as we have seen in recent years with numerous solid contributors getting cheap contracts. It wouldn’t be surprising for Brice to earn a cheap minimum deal as a veteran with starting experience, but, if his new team looks at his film from this year, there isn’t much good to look at.