Green Bay Packers: David Bakhtiari a big Pro Bowl snub

The Green Bay Packers had two players selected to the 2019 Pro Bowl roster. However, David Bakhtiari was left off the team.

The NFL announced the 2019 Pro Bowl team on Tuesday night and to nobody’s surprise, the Green Bay Packers were lightly represented. Only Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers were named to the team. However, that’s what happens in a disappointing season.

Perhaps, the biggest surprise was that left tackle David Bakhtiari was left off the team altogether. Although he was named as an alternative, he’s not even a first-team alternative.

Bakhtiari is one of the biggest snubs in all of football. He’s only made the Pro Bowl one time in his career in 2016 despite being a two-time All-Pro. That’s pretty amazing. He’s now been named as an alternative for two straight seasons.

At 27-years-old, Bakhtiari is one of, if not the, best pass-blocking tackles in the entire league. The Packers often leave him on an island and he routinely shuts down the opponents best pass-rusher. He’s been one of the only constantly good aspects of Green Bay’s offense throughout the last two years.

Gaining traction as a left tackle is a difficult thing to do. Most fans don’t always have an accurate representation or appreciation for which offensive lineman are good or which struggle. It mostly seems to be about perception. Unfortunately, Bahktiari hasn’t been able to create an accurate representation of his play to the fans of the game.

Given how the Pro Bowl usually works out, Bahktiari will more than likely end up with his name on the roster by the time the game is played. Still, he’s more than deserving of being a starter right out of the gate and shouldn’t need other players to drop out in order for him to make the team. This is a travesty and a situation where Bahktiari was clearly wronged.